Family Crisis Resource Guide

These are trying times! Children are experiencing all of the same emotions that we, as adults, are experiencing. They may not, however, be able to articulate, process or navigate them. If we’re being honest, there have been times already in these days and weeks where we have struggled to handle our emotions and feelings well. Such is the nature of trying times and uncharted waters. This booklet is meant to provide your family with strategies, activities and resources. We have compiled them prayerfully and thoughtfully. It is our hope that they will be of great assistance to you as you navigate this crisis over the coming weeks

  • Family Crisis Booklet (click Here)

    The Pages are colored coded.  

    • Red pages are for parents, 
    • Blue pages are for the family, 
    • Khaki pages are for students, 
    • Green pages are for children (with some parental oversight,) 
    • Gold pages are resource links and recommendations . 
    Many, if not most, of these resources do not need to be printed; so, you are not overly limited if you do not have access to a printer or can’t visit your local print shop. They are compiled from social media, curriculum websites, books, Lifeway materials and a variety of other sources. They, intentionally, relate to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth/health