What to expect

At FBCJ, we want everything about us to declare that Jesus Christ is more desirable than all the pleasures of this world.

We urge one another to engage in weekly worship services and bible study, connect through LIFE groups, and find places in which to serve one another, our community, and our world. 

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  • The WORD

    The Bible is at the center of all we do at FBC Jacksboro. Every week we want to teach, preach, sing, quote, and pray the Word to each other and to God.

  • Talking with God

    We hope to foster an atmosphere of prayer while we worship together. We do not have an "altar call" because our altar is simply always open for prayer before, after, or anytime during our service. 

  • Praises rise

    You can expect to sing a mixture of modern and ancient songs that magnify Christ. Our worship pastor strives to lead us in songs that are biblically faithful and full of praise to God. You will probably find yourself singing a few songs you have never heard before, but you will find that once you learn them you will be singing them all week!

  • Tithes and offerings

    Offerings are an important part of worship. An offering is taken up during the service usually between the singing and the sermon. If you are a visitor to FBC Jacksboro, we do not expect you give. We are simply glad to have you join us. 


    God's Word for God's people

    We typically go through books of the Bible, studying a passage each week. We aim to exalt Jesus in every sermon, and apply the truths of the text to our lives practically. Since preaching is exaltation (worship), we hope you will be active participants in the sermon as in the singing, not just passive listeners.   

  • Come as You Are

    Come as you are, but please wear clothes. Most are dressed casually. There is no dress code at FBC Jacksboro. 

  • Little ones

    Each Sunday morning we provide a time of discipleship for children newborn though 5th grade, during the Worship service at 10:30. You will notice when entering our service that parents have their kids with them for the singing portion of our service. They will then be dismissed to go downstairs with our Children's director for KiDS Church./im-new/kids-church