What we believe

FBC Jacksboro is a church that cares deeply about its theology, doctrine and orthodoxy. A Southern Baptist Church––both a member of, and contributing partner to, the Cooperative Program––we are in full alignment and agreement with, as well as in total affirmation of, the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (which you can view/read HERE.)

We believe that the best way to convey our hearts on these very important issues is in face-to-face conversation. If you have questions about what we believe, or where we fall, on a particular issue not covered by the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, please call the church and speak with a member of the Pastoral Staff. 

We appreciate your interest in these weighty matters and will do our best to honor your admirable pursuit by meeting with you in a timely fashion and ensuring we explore fully with you the areas of your interest and inquiry.